Hannah Nunn
Wallpaper Calculator

Design: Daisy Meadow

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feet and inches

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Daisy Meadow Repeat: 52.0cm (straight match)

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Please use this calculator as a guide for ordering the right amount of wallpaper.

When measuring your wall please ignore any windows or doors or other things you are papering around. If you are papering multiple walls, add the widths of each wall together, and enter the total in 'Width'.

The calculator will add 15cm onto your height to allow for trimming and it will take the pattern repeat into account.

If your measurements yield a result on the cusp like 2.99 rolls it may be best to order an extra roll (e.g. 4 rolls) to make absolutely sure you have enough. You can always return any rolls within 28 days if they are unopened but you may want to keep some for possible future repairs.

If your calculated amount comes to say 1.1 rolls you will need to buy two whole rolls to make sure you get your area covered. PLEASE NOTE! Don’t be tempted to order just the extra metre option separately as this will not be joined on to your roll so will not get seamless coverage.

Any questions, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.